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The LUNE produces a wide spectrum of colors from subtle to sizzling. It can gently tinge a room or dazzle as the center of attention. Whether you choose one hue for a sustained vibe or rotation throughout its entire spectrum, the LUNE's LED technology enables it to caress a room with color, light and sweet relief from the ordinary.
Touch and Go.
The LUNE's graceful design is matched by its graceful ease of operation. Simply tap or "touch and hold" to turn the light on and off, change colors, dim the unit and more. No switches, knobs or buttons to interrupt the mood. A touch is all it takes.
Colorful today, colorful tomorrow.
Available in white or black, the LUNE's design is modern without fear of becoming dated. Its harmonious circle blends in with any decor, whether it is off by itself or intermingled with other accessories. With a lifespan of 50,000 or more hours, the LUNE will be a mainstay of your living space for years to come with no worries of it becoming an embarrassing relic.