DMX Track System

The Cielux DMX Track is a comprehensive lighting solution that brings high-quality studio fixtures to nontraditional studio spaces. Inspired by advancements in video production and the need to cinematically light any room, the Cielux DMX Track revolutionizes complex lighting grids in the following ways:


Powering the Future

Unlike bulky grid systems that were made to mount hot, overpowered fixtures, the Cielux Track is designed to bolster the future of lighting: energy efficient LEDs. By supporting such low-wattage fixtures, the Cielux Track is able to mount a high number of lights in low-ceilinged spaces without overheating the area.

Comprehensive & Cost Efficient

The Cielux DMX Track costs significantly less than traditional lighting grids, which require the installation of power junctions, pipe-grids, and elaborate cabling. And with two independent power circuits and built-in DMX control, the Cielux Track is a simple, all-in-one solution.

Flexible Integration

Whatever the space, whatever the design—the Cielux DMX Track can be cut to custom lengths, and shaped with a wide selection of couplers and feeders to produce personalized configurations that cleanly integrate into any room.

To learn more, visit the DMX Track Product Page here.